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Among the many surgeries we perform here at Brentwood Animal Hospital is cosmetic otoplasty, more commonly known as an ear crop, or ear cropping surgery. We understand that some pet owners are not interested in having this procedure, preferring their doggies to have floppy ears, but a long tradition exists for the practice. The American Kennel Club supports ear cropping in order to maintain the standards of appearance for certain breeds, and they even claim that it protects dogs ears from being bitten and helps them hear.

Dewclaw removal and tail docking are other surgical procedures performed at Brentwood Animal Hospital. These should be done when the pups are under 7 days old, preferably at day 3 or 4.

A paid consultation with the veterinarian is required for ear cropping. You should have a selection of photographs or diagrams indicating how you would like the ears to appear and the veterinarian will determine if and how the ears can be sculpted to meet the requested look based on your individual pet's physical build. Ear cropping surgery is usually performed between 6 and 12 weeks of age. 

Please call 301 864 3164 to make an appointment for these procedures or a consultation.