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Digital X-rays


Brentwood Animal Hospital is thrilled to provide our new digital radiology service! Unlike traditional radiographs (x-rays), this state-of-the-art digital technology provides instant, high quality images of your pet, which allows our doctors to quickly and effectively make a diagnosis and immediately start the appropriate therapy. With digital radiographs we can thoroughly evaluate the chest, abdomen and musculoskeletal system in close detail. The Software allows us for computerized enhancement and manipulation of images, which highlights disease processes that would likely be missed with traditional films.


Improved safety is one of the added benefits of digital radiography.  The protocol uses a faster exposure time that reduces the scattered radiation around your pets and our staff. To further enhance safety, we may recommend sedating your pet in certain exposure conditions.


The digital radiography is also more environmentally friendly by eliminating paper and film waste and no longer using the myriad of chemicals associated with standard x-ray developers.


Digital technology also has the advantage of allowing each of your pet's radiographs to be e-mailed and reviewed by board certified radiologist within Three hours time frame, which further enhances the quality of care your pet receives at Brentwood Animal Hospital. We also can provide you with CD copies of your pet's radiographs to send to referral specialists or even to just to keep for your own records.